Making 3d printable art

I made 3d printable art together with a friend. And you can get it for free!

Visit to generate your own sculpture.

Things that I improved and learned during this project

This was a video that I wanted to tackle for a long while. Finally, I got some extrinsic motivation by needing to deliver some footage about the 3d printed art. 

I had some difficulties packaging it into a nice video and I definitely learned that I should think a little more carefully what I want to show in my videos. Because I actually would have liked to show more 3d prints, but couldn't figure out a way how to edit them in nicely. 

On the bright side, I am getting more comfortable with using Davinci Resolve's Fusion to get interesting animations. I know they're not super impressive, but I've definitely improved a lot already. 

I also realized some ways to make the thumbnail pop a bit more. E.g., by adding these white outlines and some drop shadows.